Shelby's Bio

With success as a nationally recognized Master Wedding Planner and entrepreneur for the past 25 years, SHELBY TUCK-HORTON’s mission at this point in her life is to share her expertise and experience with other women business owners.

Shelby is a national speaker, educator and business coach who specializes in helping entrepreneurs increase their profits and productivity by developing new systems, streamlining processes, efficiently managing their time and resources, and increasing their confidence so they can charge what they are really worth.

Shelby is an adjunct instructor at Prince George’s Community College, where she teaches event industry business courses, She has held many leadership positions in the wedding industry to include State Manager (MD/DC) for the Association of Bridal Consultants and was one of the founding presidents of The Association of Wedding Professionals. She is also on the Advisory Board of The Wedding Planner Magazine and was recently appointed as the Director of Education for the Association of Bridal Consultants. With a true depth of experience as a successful entrepreneur, educator, leader, mentor and with credentials as a certified success coach, Shelby is beautifully suited to take the women she works with from struggling to confident and successful.

Shelby's Bio

Why am I so passionate about helping others? Because when I started my event planning business over 25 years ago, there was no one to help me or guide me along my entrepreneurial path. I had to learn everything the hard way. I made many mistakes and spent thousands of dollars trying to learn how to efficiently and successfully run my company. It was so hard at times, I wanted to quit but my determination to succeed and my strong faith just did not allow me to do it. It was such a struggle for me for so long. However, when I finally started seeing improvements in my business, I made a promise to God that if I ever became successful in my business; I would help others to succeed.

On my entrepreneurial journey, I learned many hard, but valuable lessons and I finally met mentors, teachers and coaches who helped me to achieve success as a nationally recognized Master Wedding Planner, leader, educator and speaker within the wedding and event industry. Even with a degree in business management and all the additional courses that I took, I realized the importance of having assistance along the way. It was very beneficial to receive support from a coach or mentor who could identify with my pain points, understand my challenges and was able to guide me in transforming my business from struggling to successful.