Couples Coaching

Better relationships and built on a strong foundation.

Couples coaching is designed for married couples or couples wanting to strengthen their relationship. Together, we will work to establish accountability, build and nurture strong, healthy, and loving, respectful relationships. 

These intimate coaching sessions will cover subjects such as honest and open communication, healthy conflict resolution, positive money conversations, building trust and intimacy, improving emotional intelligence and creating goals and dreams. You and your partner will leave with the skills and tools to successfully embark on your relationship journey with clarity, confidence and optimism.

Couples Coaching

Foster a healthy relationship, together.

Transform my relationship

- Shelby Tuck-Horton

(On the importance of a strong foundation in your relationship)

“I believe in fostering effective communication, trust and mutual respect between partners. I strive to equip couples with the tools and skills they need to resolve conflicts, deepen their emotional connection, and create a shared vision for their future.”

one-on-one premarital coaching

This one-on-one coaching program is perfect for the couple seeking tools, tips and strategies for building a strong foundation for a healthy and successful marriage. These coaching sessions take place in a supportive, safe and non-judgmental group setting and work best for couples that require personal attention or accountability of the coach.

Talk through important discussion of topics include developing open and honest communication skills, building trust and intimacy, financial management, conflict resolution, family dynamics, personality dynamics, creating a healthy marriage mindset, increasing spiritual, emotional and physical intimacy.

The perfect sessions for a couple before you say “I do”.

Helping individuals and couples powerfully transform their lives and relationships so they can live their best lives and cultivate happiness, fulfillment and harmony!

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